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1/22/16 Despised and Rejected

12/11 15 Fear Don't Work Here!
11/20/15 Therefore My Beloved
7/7/15 A Reminder of Your True Identity7/3/15 All the Grace You Need Prophecy6/27/15 Christ in You the hope of glory6/25/15 In Christ Realities
6/14/15 Drinks are on Me
6/1/15 Real ities!
5/25/15 I heard Daddy talking
4/14/15 Prophetic Word To Me For You3/14/15 The Tender Whisper
3/10/15 Fitted for the Masters Use
2/12/15 Notations of Your Spiritual Completion
1/28/15 Jesus and the Gospel of Grace
1/4/15 Father of Grace Brother of Mercy
12/31/14 Any One In Christ
12/23/14 Christmas Card
12/20/14 Walk by Faith
12/5/14 Our Father Speaks
11/20/14 A Word from Abba Father
11/22/14 Turning Impossibilities Into Acc.11/20/14 Facrts of Salvation from John 310/18/14 They May be Won as One
8/6/14 Tongues of the Spirit
8/6/14 Have You checked your ID lately8/6/14 Notations on Identification
4/5/14 Grace Is All There Is
3/23/14 This is the Victory
3/22/14 Word of Encouragement
3/3/14 Stand in Front of a Mirror
2/19/14 Approved and Beloved
1/24/14 5 Flavors of Grace
1/9/14 Two Adams
1/7/14 Top 6 Beneifits of Being Born Again10/19/13 Out of Adam Into Christ
4/19/13 God Is Spirit
3/18/13 Benefits of Worshipful Prayer
2/4/13 You Have the Victory
1/26/13 A seed sown is faith shown in a harvest grown!
1/18/13 One Man One Offering One Redemption
1/17/13 In Christ Realities
1/12/13 Because of You
12/27/12 Sinless Sons
12/25/12 Put it Off, Put it Behind, Put it Under, Jesus Put it Away
12/20/12 Walk of Grace
12/7/12 Don't Forget Who You Are
11/17/12 In Christ Realities10/19/12 In Union with Jesus You are....
10/13/12 Can You Believe It
10/2/12 God is Faithful to His Word
9/11/12 Thoughts to Consider9/7/12 Children of the Light
8/22/12 Established In, With, & Through Jesus
8/10/12 Prosperity & Health from God
8/7/12 If You Feed on God's Truth8/1/12 Blessed are the pure in heart
7/7/12 New-Creation Realities6/28/12 Everything is Possible!
6/12/12 Placed Upon Jesus
5/9/12 Redemptive Grace
4/20/12 You're Hidden in Holy Trinity
2/21/12 Can You Belive It?
1/31/12 Qualities of Unconditional Love1/25/12 Good Report Fron Fresh Fire
1/21/12 Hunka, Hunka, Burning Holiness!1/3/12 Meditate on This:
12/30/11 Divine Mandate 2012
12/24/11 Prophecy on ‘You Can”:
12/20/11 You Can Because Jesus Did!12/12/11 Ephesians: The Book of Love12/8/11 In Union with Jesus You Are
12/7/11 A Word From the Holy Spirit11/29/11 Nothing Like the love of God
11/25/11 The Holy Spirit Speaks
11/15/11 The Good News of Salvation11/9/11 Fruits of Truth Manifesting
11/6/11 Jesus, Firstborn Among Many11/1/11 Whose Faith Do You Have?
10/8/11 Benefits & Purposes of Church Membership
10/5/11 25 Qualities of God's Grace
9/26/11 God's Power Still Flows Today!8/22/11 The Tender Whisper
8/15/11 God Planned It
8/11/11 The Working of the Grace of God7/26/11 From Condemnation to Justification7/22/11 You've Got The Goods!
7/13/11 A Prophetic Word Fitly Spoken
7/4/11 Forgiveness Brings Deliverance!
6/6/11 You Are A Winner
5/31/11 The Kingdom of God Within You Flows From You!
5/23/11 The Power is in the Gospel!5/11/11 Exceeding Abundantly Above All In You
5/5/11 Bible Healing Covenant Truths
4/29/11 God's Faith Is In You, Christian!
4/18/11 For This I Bow My Knees!
4/5/11 Grace & Peace to You
3/11/11 You Can If You Want To!
3/2/11 Hello Greetings and Blessings to You
2/21/11 Things that Grace can, has, and will
2/15/11 25 U Ar's' of the Gospel of Grace
2/2/11 Have you checked your ID lately1/18/11 God is for you now & forever
1/6/11 Give Me Liberty Not Law
12/15/10 Hey, Saints of God, Merry Christmas “It is finished!”
11/24/10 Power in Being Appreciative!8/23/10 Daddy Loves His Kids
8/11/10 Accepted & Never Rejected
8/06/10 Fifty Principles of Assurance
7/27/10 Glory to God in the Highest
7/10/10 Quick & Good Reports
7/5/10 God's Promises are Yes & Amen
6/11/10 Enjoy the Love, Favor, & Grace of your Heavenly Father
6/4/10 The Convicting Ministry of the Holy Spirit5/18/10 Don't Let it Slip Slide Away
5/3/10 Reality through Revelation
5/1/10 Victory by the Faith of Jesus
4/21/10 Believing In Jesus Brings Salvation
4/1/10 Spiritual Identity
3/18/10 Thrill Causing Realities Of Eternal Life
3/15/10 If You've Received Eternal Life through Jesus, then....
3/1/10 Benefits of Knowing God's Unconditional Love
2/17/10 The New-Birth,Your Heart & Mouth2/9/10 God's Scapegoat
2/3/10 Influence Is Leadership
1/30/10 Do You Know Who You Are?1/10/10 Drawn By The Spirit Of Grace
1/5/10 We're blessed with the Goodness of God!
12/06/09 God Reconciled Us
11/18/09 You either are.....or you aren't!11/13/09 You already are who you are!10/13/09 Do You KNOW that you Know08/20/09 Oh, What Manner of Love Daddy Has For Us!
08/04/09 25 Realities of Being Children
08/01/09 You Don't Deserve It
07/15/09 Come on Get Happy
07/09/09 Fear Doesn't Rule Here
07/03/09 Don't Worry Be Happy
06/16/09 Grace Brings All of Salvation
06/15/09 You Might Be Religious If
06/09/09 No Disgrace in Grace
04/27/09 The Least is Greater
04/27/09 Yes You Can
04/17/09 Draw Deep & Long From that well04/09/09 Fresh Fruit is Growing & Flowing03/25/09 Because You Are Sons
03/21/09 25 Realities of No Condemnation03/12/09 There's Always A Case for Grace03/03/09 At Home Before the Throne
03/03/09 25 Truths of Eternal Life
02/13/09 "Fear Not" Prophecy
02/05/09 Purposes & Benefits of Tithes & Offerings
02/03/09 Prophetic Word & Faith Notes on Spiritual Identification
01/31/09 Abounding Hope Changes Things for You
01/27/09 Because You Are My Children 01/20/09 Word of Prophesy
01/02/09 Jesus Can't Fail You
12/05/08 Savor The Sweet Flavor Of Daddy's Favor!
11/26/08 Safe & Secure in Unconditional Love!
11/25/08 Benefits of Soaking in God’s Presence
11/13/08 Grace for All of Salvation is Available
11/01/08 Fear Not Prophesy Nov. 1 08
09/18/08 7 Radical Realities of Righteousness
09/16/08 Prophesy For the Body
09/08/08 You Are Established In Christ
08/25/08 Living, Moving, and Being in Him
08/25/08 In Him We Are
08/23/08 Notations For Meditation and Revelation
06/09/08 New Creation & New-birth Realities
06/05/08 Grace is more than enough!
06/02/08 50 Principles of Assurance & Security in Salvation
05/30/08 Revelations of Forgiveness: It’s a done deal!
05/18/08 Yes & Amen
05/17/08 Strong in the Grace
05/14/08 Miracle Capacities of the Mind of Christ
05/12/08 Transforming Truths of 1 John 1
05/01/08 Dude Where’s My sin?
04/26/08 Transforming Truths of 1 John 5
04/25/08 Divine Truths of 1 John 3
04/24/08 Transforming Truths of Colossians
04/19/08 The Gospel of Power
04/06/08 JesusYour Author of Peace
03/30/08 Grace and Righteousness
03/23/08 The Faith Of God is Already In You
03/16/08 You're in With Out Sin
03/09/08 25 Truths of Hebrews 1:3
03/09/08 8 Creation Realities
03/02/08 The Victorious Secret
01/31/08 Grace and Righteousness Enables You to Reign in Life
01/14/08 Jesus, Your Author of Peace, Salvation, & Faith
01/11/08 Who's Faith Do You Have?
01/11/08 Jesus, the Faithful High Priest
01/04/08 New Creation Concepts
01/04/08 You Royal Priest, You!


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