Message from Dr. Chris Longgrear

Hello, to each of you reading this note. I want to welcome you to Fresh Fire Ministries Int'l website. You're not here by accident. Hope to see you in 2020.
The Holy Spirit speaks to me with a word of prophecy for you, & says, "You are loved, you are liked, & you are appreciated! You are valuable to the Heavenly Father, you are valuable to Jesus, & you are valuable to the Holy Spirit. The Father redeemed you because He loves you. Jesus died with your sin so He could give you His righteousness. The Holy Spirit lives in you, through the New-birth, so you can live forever, & you can now be His holy temple! You are valuable to God, you are valuable to your family & friends, & you are valuable to the world-at-large, because of the love of God, resurrection life, & word of truth that you carry within you, as children & heirs of God.
The world needs the truth that you have, the truth that you carry, & the truth that you share. The truth of God sets people free, it transforms them, it renews their hope, it gives them help, & it empowers them for successful daily living, as well as it gives them eternal victory over Hell, spiritual death, & the powers of darkness!
Beloved, you are anointed with the anointing of Jesus, the Anointed One, & you are continuing His ministry on the earth now that I manifested through Him two thousand years or so ago! You are anointed, & appointed, by divine design, to function with the unction of Jesus. As He was anointed by Me with power, so you have been anointed by Me to go about doing good, & to heal those that are oppressed, depressed, diseased, & ill-at-ease. For I am your peace, & I give peace to all of them that call upon the name of Jesus! He is the King of kings, & the Lord of lords; that makes you His kings, lords, & priests, & you serve under Him, with Me in you, & you always have the victory in life, for I am the Spirit of Victory, & I dwell in every one of you that have received eternal life through Jesus.
So rejoice, children of God, for this is the victory that has overcome the world, even your faith!"


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