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New Mailing Address
Fresh Fire Ministries
P.O. Box 25, Waverly, WV, 26184

Now at St. Joseph's Landings
Old St. Joseph's Hospital
19th. and Juliana St.

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You're Hidden


100 Reasons

100 Reasons CD

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Dear Visitor

We greet you & salute you with love & appreciation, from the church & ministry family here at Fresh Fire! You are always in our hearts & prayers, & we are grateful for your friendship, fellowship, & Christian love that you've given to us.

Our ministry calling at Fresh Fire is to take the Good News of the New Testament into 100 neighborhoods, 100 communities, & into 100 nations! We now have an opportunity to increase our capacity to accomplish that!

You can actively & personally participate in reaching more people for Jesus with us!
Thank you for your consideration, & hopefully, participation, in this endeavor! I love you, & appreciate you, & command "blessing upon you abundantly, in Jesus' name!"

Also, thanks to each of you for your love, prayer, & partnership with us here at Fresh Fire!

Not just having church but being the church!

Dr. Christopher & Pastor Sandra Longgrear

AreYou A Partner


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