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We can start broadcasting a television program, teaching the truths of the New Testament, twice a week, for 30 minutes, on WJOS TV, located in Pomeroy, Ohio. This station serves 40,000 households, including 18,000 which are on cable hookups. The broadcast range stretches from Meigs & Gallia Counties in Ohio, to the edges of Athens, Ohio, & into Jackson & Mason Counties in West Virginia. Cities served by this station include Gallipolis, Pomeroy, Middleport, Ohio, & Spencer, Pt. Pleasant, Ripley, Ravenswood, Rockport, West Virginia!

WJOS is a Christian & Family station that reaches beyond Christian homes, & has influence in communities with family-based programming that is combined with a schedule of Christian programs. It's affiliated with Family Net, World Harvest, TVU, Worship, & Sportsman Channel, & also broadcasts local school sports programs, so they provide something for every facet of the community! What a great way to reach into the marketplace & homes with the good news of Jesus!

I want to go on the air, teaching the same Bible truths that we are teaching in our church & outreaches, some of which we've taught to you! I want many other people to hear them, learn of them, & experience the realities of them!

These television programs will be a Bible-teaching format, professionally produced at the station studios. The costs for these programs is very cost-effective, relatively inexpensive & affordable. I am asking you to prayerfully consider becoming one of our television ministry partners! Will you join either our 25/20 team, being one of twenty-five partners supporting us with $20 monthly for this outreach, or at least become a member of our 50/10 team, as one of fifty partners giving support of at least $10 monthly. (Any other amount other than, between or beyond these figures will be greatly appreciated & appropriately used!)

We will make copies of the programs available, at no cost, to our partners, on either CD or DVD format, as a fruit of partnership with us in this endeavor! Please help us go through this door of opportunity committing financial support to the television ministry! I need your help & ask for your partnership!